" While you have the light, believe in the light... "

- John 12:36a

Save Me! 

If you want a better life and you believe in Jesus, just say these words:

Jesus Christ, I want you to be Lord of my life.

I promise to change my sinful behaviors.

Please forgive me for the wrong I’ve done

and the hurtful things I’ve said.

I receive you as my Savior and Lord.

Thank you for forgiving me.

Lord, help me to walk in your ways.  



Please share this with your friends, your family, with everybody. They’ve all probably heard something about Jesus, but now you understand. There is nothing like the understanding that you have now. It’s priceless. So precious. As you give away your gift, you will see it grow again in yourself and others.

If you should ever get discouraged, remember it’s no coincidence that Jesus suffered persecutions during His time on earth. The way the world thinks is very different from the way that Jesus thinks.

I hope you go on to enjoy all the posts on this site. I always encourage new Christians to get plugged into a good, Bible-honoring church. Let them see your good works, and let them hold you accountable for a changed life. I hope you find many hours of joy in discovering new things about Jesus all through your life, and you surround yourself with people that love Him too. It may not seem like a perfect life, but it’s a good one!